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 Social werker Jay stelt zich voor….

Social werker JayMy names are Juma Mwakina Anthony but mostly known as ‘Jay’. I am an aspiring social worker in Kenya, Coast Province, South Coast – Diani where Iwas raised. Born in 1988 in Mombasa, Kenya. Attended Mombasa Polytechnic University College in 2008 and graduated in 2010 with a Diploma in ICT. I am currently taking a course in Community Development Studies and believe this course will aid me to serve in the community and to improve the situation of those in need by becoming a social worker. In 2013, I joined my first charity work as a volunteer for Just Be a Child charity where I volunteered in building playgrounds for children and organizing fun games and activities for schools, children homes and the community in general within and around Ukunda/Diani – South Coast. I am currently working with Diani Ulezi Rainbow Foundation (DURF) where I work directly with the local community. My ongoing project is PROJECT NOAH. A young boy who is physically challenged due to Cerebral Palsy. DURF in liaison with a few other sponsors wish to enable Noah attend physiotherapy sessions and acquire other gadgets such as a customized wheel chair that is crucial for his recovery so that he may live a normal and self dependent life. Noah Malik, 15 years of age is raised by a single parent. His condition has made his secluded by many of his age making his only friends to be his close family and those that work with him. At the moment, he is incapable of doing any basic things such as move, feed, communicate clearly or go to the toilet without help. We believe that with the right care, surrounding, love and affection he can move a very big step towards being self reliable. Another upcoming project is the construction of a preschool in Msambweni, South coast. DURF plans to construct a school for little ones in the interiors of Msambweni where little children have to travel long distances to get to their education. Most miss classes due to congestion in classrooms and the distance is overwhelming to many. If only there was a preschool nearby. I am also sponsored by DURF to attend my college studies so that I may be able to nature my passions of caring for the community, something I strongly believe is in my DNA. In the future I plan and hope to work with my community in Diani at a larger scale, to empower and help the locals discover and find solutions to various problems they encounters. I wish to give back and contribute positively towards my community for this is where I plan to be and improving the lives of my fellow community members is what I yearn for because this is my home and where my heart is.